Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big Time Sissyass Stuff: False Prophet Harold Camping Brags About Heading Off To Cayman Islands With $80 Million In Donor Money

Incredible! Absolutely incredible! After televangelist huckster Harold Camping created controversy for himself by creating a false "rapture" prophecy for May 21, he now is publicly bragging about heading off to the Cayman Islands with $80 million in tax free donor funds that his Family Radio televangelist network earned.

Camping was asked in an interview why he was still here after his claimed "rapture" would occur on May 21, and he smartly responded that, " Why I'm still here is irrelevant; all I can do now is take the $80 million surplus my organization has collected from religious donors to the Cayman Islands where I intend to work tirelessly spreading the word of God before the End Of Days in October". Absolutely outrageous! You brag about collecting millions in tax-free donations from good hearted donors, and then you beat it to the Cayman Islands to live like a king for the rest of your life. Is there a special place in Hell for religious scammers like this or not?

Camping even further claims that the "rapture" of the 144,000 faithful actually occurred this past Saturday but "went unnoticed", and now the world is just waiting for the October destruction of the Earth, giving Camping a few more months to raise millions more in donations to "spread" the word about this end of the world scam he's running.

Hey, maybe the fact that Camping wasn't part of his self-proclaimed "rapture" and now needs to work "tirelessly" on his scam from the Cayman Islands might well prove that there's no rest for the wicked afterall. Maybe that's a little consolation.

Some religious radio stations that were formerly associated with Harold Camping's Family Radio are now turning against him including Redeemer Radio which has canceled his programing on their station and is now calling Harold Camping's teachings "Satanic" and urging his followers to turn back to Christ. Sadly, Redeemer Radio noted that some persons who followed Camping's teachings hurt their marriages and some killed their family pets. Perez Hilton reports several suicides because of Harold Camping. And there are reports of others who lost their life savings. That's pretty sad. What Camping has done reaches far beyond normal sissyassdom. It should probably be criminal.

How many true believers will continue to follow Harold Camping is a good question? But, his house of cards is beginning to fall down as he enjoys a luxury working retirement in the Cayman Islands. He's an incredibly bad person. The only problem is that some gullible folks learned that too late.