Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chris Meloni Quits LAW AND ORDER:SVU

NBC is probably pretty blue today. After negotiations for a 13th season for actor Chris Meloni broke down to return to LAW AND ORDER: SVU, it was announced that he'll be leaving the show, leaving the producers looking for a high profile name to replace him in the series. And things will only get worse for NBC as Mariska Hargitay plans to exit next season. Reportedly, Jennifer Love Hewitt is already wooed to sign on as a replacement for Hargitay.

However, both Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay seem like irreplaceable presences in this great series. Without either actor, the show just won't be the same.

It seems like all good things come to an end. And with the end of LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT and the failure of LAW AND ORDER:LOS ANGELES, it seems like the once powerful LAW AND ORDER series franchise might just be reaching near it's twilight. And that's very sad.