Monday, March 28, 2011


Maybe if Leslie Neilsen was brought back from the dead he could have made VAMPIRES SUCK a better film. However, if you just go along with the premise that a parody of the TWILIGHT vampire series to hang a few jokes on is good enough, then VAMPIRES SUCK is enjoyable enough. Much in the vein as better sight gag movies like AIRPLANE! or THE NAKED GUN, VAMPIRES SUCK attempts to parody the success of TWILIGHT with an absurd tale that really proves little real writing skill. Yet, the sight gags seem funny enough that the film is not a complete dud.

Maybe VAMPIRES SUCK isn't Oscar quality by any means. But, that doesn't mean that it isn't a reasonable enough popcorn movie to watch and enjoy and forget about. That's at least something.

The Bottom Line: While not much of a movie at all, VAMPIRES SUCK has a few worthy sight gags to satisfy. +(One star, poor. Yet the film has a few good jokes. Rent this for a few laughs if you must).


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