Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sure Looks Like The Can-Am Spyder, But Sure Costs A Lot Less

Leave it up to the Chinese to create this cool three wheeled motorcycle that sure looks like the much higher priced Can-Am Spyder, but for a lot less bread lay out. While the real Can-Am Spyder costs as much as nearly $25,000 in top of the line trim, this Chinese-made lookalike sure is much lower priced. While borrowing the same ATV and snowmobile-like styling cues from the real Cam-Am Spyder, the Chinese built Kandi 250cc Spyder costs only about 1/3 of the cheapest Can-Am at just $4698.22 at Killer Motorsports, an Online motorcycle and scooter dealer. And unlike the semiautomatic version offered by Cam-Am, the Chinese Kandi Spyder features a fully automatic CVT type transmission, making city commute use just as easy as any car. Both the Can-Am and Kandi feature a reverse gear function as well.

Jay Leno actually purchased the very first Can-Am Spyder, serial #001, ever built, so you know that it's a cool toy. And for the much lower asking price of the Kandi, you can have the very same look. In a couple of states, California and Delaware, the Can-Am three wheeler can be driven with just a regular drivers license, no motorcycle endorsement needed. So maybe the same applies to the Kandi version.

With the styling so much like an ATV or snowmobile, either three wheeled cruiser sure has a unique look for any street legal vehicle. Heck, just about $4700 isn't too bad at all to have a little guy fun. You only live once you know.