Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Preliminary Figures From 2010 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Down For Second Straight Year

So far the preliminary income figures for the 2010 JERRY LEWIS MDA TELETHON were down for the second straight year from the 2008 year high of $65,031,393 to just $58,919,838. That was down 9.40% from the $60,481,231 figure which was actually down 7.52% from the 2008 year high water mark.

The lingering recession and uneven recovery has no doubt somewhat dried up some donations, although some large donors such as Safeway will add in customer donations later, raising the final figures. And many more donations should trickle in over the next few days as well. But, overall the trend appears to be a tightening of donations.

The news was probably a little disappointing to Jerry Lewis, but probably taken in stride considering the present economic state.

Some retailers report that even their wealthy and big spender customers have tightened their buying habits because of economic uncertainty, although they certainly have the means to spend more. And unfortunately many charity organizations are feeling the pinch right now as well, as wallets tighten up. This really puts a responsibility in the hands of those doing better in these times to give much more to make up for those who cannot afford to give. And nothing warms the heart as much as being a cheerful giver. Whether you believe in God or just good karma, you know in your heart that giving to others is the right thing to do.


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