Thursday, April 22, 2010

David Allan Coe: Marriage #6 For Country Music's Outlaw Singer

For country music outlaw David Allan Coe, it's marriage #6. The 71 year old music legend wedded his 48 year old long-time girlfriend, Kimberly Hastings, this week. But, compared to other country music singers who like to carry the "outlaw" label, David Allan Coe claims to have once been on death row in prison for murder and other serious crimes. And Coe has been a member of two motorcycle groups, including one recognized by law enforcement as a criminal enterprise.

While a few in country music love the rebel and outlaw image, David Allan Coe claims to be the real deal. However, ROLLING STONE Magazine has questioned a few of the claims of his "criminal" past, including being on death row. However, David Allan Coe is a unique presence in country music and certainly has his fans.

But will marriage #6 be the charm?