Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gallup Polling Indicates Improving Business Climate & Economy

Good news for both Wall Street and "Main" Street, is that the latest round of Gallup Organization polling indicates more signs of continued improving economic conditions with an improving business climate and easing unemployment issues. Gallup found that more than 1.5 million American workers who claimed to be underemployed are now finding themselves with longer work days as the business climate continues to improve and more workers are needed. This job creation index is recording the best improvement numbers recorded since at least 2008.

Consumer spending figures are also ticking upward according to a separate poll. This indicates more cash flow to businesses.

A third poll regarding economic confidence is ticking upward as well.

These three polls seem to suggest that the improving business climate is being driven by improvement of unemployment issues as well as increased consumer spending. The entertainment industry should see some of the benefit of this improvement as consumers look to spend more of their paychecks on fun activities rather than just paying bills as more money flows through households.


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