Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final SHREK Film Has Grand Red Carpet Roll-out

Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers and all of the major voices for the final chapter in the SHREK series showed up for last night's read carpet premiere of SHREK FOREVER AFTER. Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas also reminisced about their character roles in the wildly successful series. The cast also seemed to be almost closing the door on the possibility of a fifth film. The film will go on massive theater release on May 21.

The SHREK series has been the biggest hit series by far for the former SNL cast member, Mike Myers. But Mike Myers also did well with his AUSTIN POWERS series, which was a send-up of 1960's JAMES BOND-type spy films as well as his WAYNE'S WORLD films with costar Dana Carvey.

Interestingly, the cast members seldom met during the films voice work, so last night's red carpet event was an opportunity to pull the cast together for the final time.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER ought to add nice closure to the series and should be a huge box office hit as well as a big home DVD and Bluray success. So far the franchise of films has grossed a billion dollars. Not bad for a tale about green ogres.