Friday, January 22, 2010

General Larry Pratt's Not Seeing Any Money For "Pants On The Ground", But That May Change

The outrageous "Pants On The Ground" song first introduced on AMERICAN IDOL by 62 year old Atlanta singer, General Larry Pratt, may be a biggest hit not currently on a disc or the charts right now. YouTube has numerous remixes posted, and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Farve even did a locker room version, as well as comic Jimmy Fallon and many others have covered the song.

As catchy and good as the song is, it seems that General Larry Pratt never copyrighted the song. But he's taking steps to do that. And a record company, Jake Records, has now offered Pratt a recording contract deal, which should bring "Pants On The Ground" to Cd and hopefully the charts very soon.

General Larry Pratt has become a phenomenon of sorts since his outrageous appearance on AMERICAN IDOL, even guesting on THE VIEW and other appearances. His song is something of a novelty, and has huge hit novelty potential. But is General Larry Pratt a one hit wonder or not? Time will tell.


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