Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tusk, Tusk. Ebay Purchase Leads To Federal Indictments

Buy or sell some stuff on Ebay. Go to jail. A Thai national who sold an ivory African elephant tusk on Ebay, and a customer who owns a donut shop both found themselves sharing at least 12 total federal indictments for buying and selling endangered species products. The seller faces up to 53 years in prison, and the buyer up to 25 years.

Federal authorities are especially tough on selling endangered species items because some types of animals are dangerously close to extinction. Some endangered animals like African elephants are very slow moving animals and easy prey for ivory hunters. Reportedly, the donut shop owner was in possession of ivory carving equipment as well.

No telling what sort of Ebay "feedback" they'll give each other, or whether Ebay "buyer protection" covers getting arrested or not.


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