Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Drama For TWO AND A HALF MEN: Jon Cryer Claims Hitman Is Out To Kill Him

Popular TWO AND A HALF MEN actor, Jon Cryer, claims that a hitman hired by his exwife is out to kill him. Federal authorities are investigating this claim. Last week, the FBI started their investigation. And last Friday, the set of TWO AND A HALF MEN was closed to an audience for security reasons. A laugh track can be added later.

This is the last thing the producers of the #1 comedy on TV needed to hear, more personal problems with the actors. Actor Charlie Sheen is locked into some serious legal problems after an incident with his wife and facing some felony charges in Colorado. And further, his wife is in the hospital with pneumonia and a 105 degree fever, delaying a hearing set to amend a protection order.

For now, production continues with the wildly popular comedy. However, building personal problems could make the show's future cloudy, especially if Charlie Sheen would have to serve jail time if convicted of domestic violence charges. And any serious incident involving Jon Cryer as a result of the hitman claim is another potential landmine as well.


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