Saturday, December 26, 2009

Charlie Sheen: Two And A Half Domestic Violence Charges

It's entirely possible that popular TWO AND A HALF MEN actor Charlie Sheen may be the victim of some exaggerated, if not false allegations of domestic abuse by his wife, Brooke Mueller. It appears that when Mueller made the 911 call to police, she was not only legally drunk with a blood alcohol content of .13, but later recanted the claims she made to a female police office before a bail hearing for Sheen was set to take place. However, the actor still apparently faces a February 8, court date.

It will be up to Aspen, Colorado prosecutor, Chief Deputy D.A. Arnold Morkin whether formal charges are filed. However, it was disturbing that Mordkin noted that his office often files charges against "someone who falsely accuses someone". That's hardly a reassuring statement for the actor who might have only been "defending" himself during an angry incident. Sheen might well be the victim here since his wife backed down from her previous statements. Regardless, the whole incident has forced Sheen to have to hire top Colorado lawyer Richard Cummins to defend him.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Dean said...

I thought Sheen would have retained Attorney Pamela Mackey who competently defended Kobe Bryant five years ago. I would like to see my colleague Dr. Charles Corry ( lead his Colorado Springs group to protest outside of the Courthouse on February 8th.

Dean Tong, MSc.


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