Friday, December 25, 2009

Paul Anka Has The Police Over For The Holidays

To say that singer Paul Anka is having a few problems over the holidays would a gross understatement. The singer had to call the police on both Wednesday and Thursday after some incidents with his wife whom he is locked in an ugly divorce battle with.
On Wednesday, Anka had to call the police after a dispute with his wife when wanted to visit his son and daughter for the holidays. Then again, on Thursday, Anka had a series of problems when his wife was uncooperative when he wanted to see his kids again, and a dispute over security camera issue led to another call to the police.

In another incident in 2008, Anna Anka, who is Swedish, was arrested on a felony domestic battery charge after she reportedly hit the singer in the head with a chunk of hard ice. The resulting injury sent Paul Anka to the hospital for stitches for the head wound. But the charge was later dropped when the Ventura County DA decided not to prosecute the case.

Paul Anka was once best remembered for his song, "Having My Baby". But now it seems that parenthood is not quite so romantic when kids are caught in the middle of this ugly divorce.


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