Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Goes To Court To Remove Photos From Websites

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL actress, Venessa Hudgens, 21, is trying to sue some websites that continue to post some self-photographed nude photos that she apparently sent to a friend. Hudgens apparently is attempting to even sue for copyright infringement, even though she actually only copyrighted the photos after they had been published.

The case might involve some interesting limitations to the extent that fair use may allow for the publication of some photos. Hudgens photographed herself, and then supplied the pictures to a friend, which seems to imply that she gave some consent. Yet, she is bothered about the mass publication of photos that she considers private. Also can copyright laws later be invoked for materials that weren't even copyrighted in the first place. The main website in question,, seems to be standing tight on their refusal to remove the photos. Hudgens might not have many legal options here because of the circumstances. But the outcome of this case might have some interesting legal aspects for bloggers.