Friday, August 14, 2009

RENO 911 Canceled

Comedy Central surprised more than a few fans of reality-TV police parody when it announced today at 1:30pm that it was canceling the 6 season long series, RENO 911. Interestingly, the long running comedy series was largely premised as a parody of COPS with absurd police response incidents and goofy situations.

Strangely, due to the surprise announcement by Comedy Central today, the recent July 8 season finale episode now becomes the series finale episode as well, as now no new episodes are planned. However, all 88 past episodes will likely be available on DVD as individual seasons.

In many ways, the series was always controversial because it became like one long running joke that could easily have become a single skit on MAD TV or SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, yet filled six seasons. The series may never have the most popular program ever aired by any means, but it had a following of fans who will certainly miss the series. Rest in peace, RENO 911.


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