Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yet Another Goofy Republican Politician Scandal

As if the news of the affair of Nevada Senator John Ensign wasn't bad enough news for the struggling Republican Party, the goofy details about the new scandal with South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford was much worse yet. Now these scandals have been capped with a third goofy Republican politician scandal. In Georgia, the former mayor of Gainesville, a city of about 35,000 residents, Mark Musselwhite was arrested for public nudity.

Musselwhite had served as mayor for six years starting in 2000, but lost a 2006 bid to run for the State Senate in Georgia. The 43 year old politician had the potential to be a rising star in the Georgia Republican Party. But instead, the goofy details of his arrest once again hurt the future of a Republican politician, and make him look like a real joke to voters and comics.

Musselwhite reportedly claimed that he merely had been swimming earlier when he arrested at a a public campsite. However, the police were called when Musselwhite was also viewed by persons walking down a public road naked earlier. Why Musselwhite decided to walk down a public road or to linger around a public campsite in the nude are all good questions that call into question his own judgment. But now the voters of Georgia have to sort out whether Musselwhite is merely a kook, or whether has some sex offender characteristics such as an exhitionist. But regardless, another Republican politician has ruined his own career by creating a goofy new scandal by his own hand.

The voters also have to decide whether some of these goofy new Republican scandals are merely signs of some "middle-age crazy" men or whether the Republican Party is now becoming the party of open marriage as a new party position, or clothing optional attire. Once again, the "family values" party are raising new questions about just what sort of family values really glue this party together.