Saturday, June 27, 2009

War Of Words Between Washington And Tehran Makes Life Tough For Election Protesters

One one hand President Obama and other Western leaders were pretty much forced into issuing stronger, yet careful condemnations of the suppression of dissent and violence in Iran. On the other hand, some like John McCain only proved that by forcing the President's hand, Tehran would only act with more violence against the demonstrators. This is the catch-22 here; Washington had to be cautious not to appear to meddling in Iran's internal politics. On the other hand Washington couldn't hardly allow the violence to continue to soar out out of control in Iran.

Now Tehran and Ahmadinejad seems to be relishing in violence and abuse against the protesters, not only to create a climate of fear at home, but also just to defy Washington and Western states that abhor the violence. Tehran is forcing phony confessions out of the protesters, forcing them to claim that they have been influenced by foreign governments or other influences. This cycle of abuse was almost inevitable. Washington was appalled by the situation in Iran and the rigged election, and the peaceful protests that were brutally suppressed by goon squads loyal to the Ahmadinejad government. But when some like John McCain forced the president's hand to speak out more strongly, then this only worsened the situation for the protesters in Iran, and might have prevented a possible successful revolt against the government because too much American involvement was the worst possible thing for what needed to entirely be a homegrown and domestic internal political struggle within Iran.

Some who wondered what John McCain would be like as president got a pretty good clue from this Iran situation. McCain would have been quick to say too much against Tehran, and would have brought even quicker and worse violence against the peaceful protesters. Yet regardless, Washington really needed to say something about the situation there. Still the world community should prepare for stories of torture and for some public executions by the Tehran government of some protesters very soon. Domestically this will promote fear and keep order at home in Iran. But it is also meant just to anger and provoke Washington as well. All of this is why dealing with Iran is so difficult.


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