Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Great Governor Mark Sanford Disappearance Mystery

One continuing strange story is the mystery disappearance of Republican Governor Mark Sanford in South Carolina. Some claim that he is taking a hike in a certain mountain area in South Carolina, however with a nude hiking event also taking place in the same area, that story seems a little suspect. The fact of the matter is that the head of an U.S. state simply cannot decide to just disappear. There are constant ongoing duties and law enforcement actions that need the continued knowledge of the governor.

Since last Thursday, Sanford has disappeared into thin air, almost like some episode of TV's WITHOUT A TRACE. Even on father's day, Sanford was a no show. His wife now claims he wanted some time away from the kids. But where is he?

Another problem is that Sanford had previously been mentioned as a possible 2012 presidential candidate. But if he has problems with depression or other problems, he would only appear as unfit to serve as president by many Americans. The U.S. could hardly afford a president who hides whenever problems loom too large.

A few years ago for a joke, Conan O'Brien sought to create a phony hysteria by falsely claiming a character from the old SANFORD AND SON TV show, Grady, was missing. This phony missing person hysteria was hilarious, as each day Conan built up this phony hysteria until the aging actor who played "Grady" actually appeared on the show to a hero's welcome and a standing ovation. This was funny TV. But a missing governor of a state is far less funny.

When, and if, Governor Mark Sanford reemerges, he'll only have a lot of questions to answer. But for now this is a great political mystery.


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