Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iran Ramps Up New Tensions By Detaining British Embassy Employees

The renegade Iranian government is back to their old tricks again. Now they've detained employees of the British embassy in Tehran, a scene much like their hostage taking at the American embassy back in 1979 through to 1980. Ahmadinejad and his government have been creating new tensions with the British over the last few days, where holding embassy staff in detention is only the next new level of ramping up bad relations with the West.

The Iranian government justified the arrest of nine British embassy staffers by claiming that they had a "considerable role in recent arrest". However, later four were freed by the government, although the other five remain captive of the government. Rather than respecting the diplomatic immunity of foreign embassies, once again the rotten government in Tehran seems intent to make a foreign embassy part of their internal politics and to exploit the capture and hostage taking of foreigners for their own political goals.

Iran and Britain are currently involved in a war of words over the election outcome, and both countries have expelled some diplomats in recent day. However, the arrest of British embassy employees moves this crisis to a new level. And if Tehran continues to hold British embassy staff hostage and not offer to free them, NATO might even become involved in some sort of military action at some point to punish Iran.