Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Exactly Do Those Tea Party Folks Want?

It's always hard to figure anarchists out. The Antigovernment kooks from the Tea Party movement were out in full force today, sometimes with poor spelling on their crude homemade signs , with protests held all over the nation that not only allowed them to take a day off from work, provided many of them even have a job, but to wear funny costumes and wigs, and to dress like Thomas Jefferson, George and Martha Washington. If anything today was a major windfall for costume shops, and perhaps their best business day since Halloween.

But looking beyond the funny costumes, it's quite hard to figure out these antigovernment Tea Party kooks. You know that they're antigovenment, but what do they oppose? An army? A navy? Schools? Former porn star, Marilyn Chambers who died on Monday was the vice presidential candidate of the Boston Tea Party because she opposed laws that had her arrested for nude dancing in a movie theatre in San Francisco back when Diane Feinstein was Mayor of the city by the vice cops. Other Tea Party members imagine that somehow President Obama is going to arrest them for owning guns. Others protest federal taxes, although most of the taxes many of them are paying are to support local police, fire departments or schools. Some are mad that banks were given loans, although they seek a mortgage to buy a home and need solvent banks. Others are buying a car, yet are angry at government help for the auto industry, although they still want a company to be around to buy parts or to honor their vehicle warranty. In short, this Tea Party is just an umbrella for a bunch of kooks with no one single philosophy except that they're antigovernment in nature.

Yesterday, President Obama made a pretty compelling and detailed case for his economic recovery proposals once again that should have satisfied any reasonable person. But regardless of this, some antigovernment persons oppose any more funds to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan or see no merit in the government providing schools, police, fire protection, 911 responders or other services.

To figure out the Tea Party movement is like trying to nail jello to a wall. Many are attracted to this radical umbrella for antigovernment activists for many reasons, all of them kooky and unrealistic in philosophy. And it only gives them another good reason to wear goofy costumes in public without fear of being placed in a mental hospital by a judge for observation and having their belt and shoelaces taken away.


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