Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time To Disarm Somalian Pirates

The UN Security Council needs to pass a resolution banning the type of small boats that are being used as pirate vessels off the coast of Somalia from carrying larger weapons such as grenade launchers or AK47s or should face destruction by American, British, French, German, Chinese or Russian ships patrolling the coast off of Somalia. Legal weapons on these type of boats such be limited to knives or small handguns like pistols. These heavily armed thugs need to be disarmed to prevent their acts of piracy from taking ships hostage and demanding huge ransoms.

My proposal is just one idea on how to disarm these thugs and make shipping safer. Somehow the UN needs to give authority to the international ships patrolling these waters to bring order to ship travel off the coastline of Somalia.

So many ships have been attacked by these pirates that something bold and new needs to be done. This situation has become a serious crisis.


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