Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2008 Boston Tea Party Vice Presidential Candidate Found Dead

The 2008 alternative Vice Presidential candidate of another major "Tea Party" movement political party, former porn star, Marilyn Chambers, 56, was found dead in her California mobile home on Monday. Chambers was an outrageous 1970's counterculture figure who was once known as the "Ivory Soap" box girl, but completely shed this wholesome image to star in the 1972 new wave porn smash hit, "BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR" for the Mitchell Brothers who owned California movie theatres and filmed many of their own films played at their own theatres.

The Boston Tea Party is another fringe appeal political movement that is quasi-libertarian in nature, opposing big government and seeking the downsizing of Washington. However, like the other Tea Party movement, seems to offer no real answers or solutions on how to to revive the American economy or the global economy or to deal with numerous other basic government issues.


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