Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Administration Gains Foreign Policy Success In Pakistan Government Push Against Taliban

The Obama Administration gained a huge foreign policy success by urging the government of Pakistan to take a strong military stand against a Taliban offensive that threatened the capital city of Islamabad. The Obama Administration finally succeeded in making the official government of Pakistan realize that the moderate democracy was being threatened by the recent Taliban offensive. And when Taliban forces didn't really withdrawal their forces as promised in yet another broken promise, the government of Pakistan was forced to send in troops and warplanes to scatter the Taliban forces.

As many as 64 or more Taliban militants might have been killed in fighting over the last two days. And evidence of Taliban forces building car-bombs to use against the government have surfaced as well. These Taliban forces and their Al Qaeda allies wanted to seize control of the capital, which could nuclear weapons in their hands as well giving them an official state to wage an ongoing terrorist war in Afghanistan and well beyond.

Since the government of Pakistan has responded with force to challenge the Taliban offensive, and not let Washington down, the Obama Administration is now seeking some emergency military funds to keep the Islamabad government in power and the country in the hands of moderate democratic forces.

The Obama Administration has well proven that they're willing to act tough and draw the line in Pakistan. And Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton has acted very tough as well, making it very clear to the Islamabad government what Washington expected of this government.

Mutual respect of both governments in Islamabad and Washington have been renewed as both of these governments now appear to be on the same page, both working towards the same goals of stopping the Taliban and Al Qaeda from a land grab in Pakistan and establishing a major terrorist base threat.


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