Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Obama-Biden Ticket Surges As McCain-Palin Ticket Loses Support

Troubling new revelations related to John McCain's running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, may be having some impact by buoying the Obama-Biden ticket in the latest Rasmussen Poll out just this morning. The Obama-Biden ticket now leads by a 51-45% margin when leaners are figured in. That's the biggest lead for Obama in some time instead of the McCain-Palin ticket enjoying some early convention bounce statistics.

Not only is a family related issue having some negative impact on Gov. Palin, but a troubling ethics investigation in which she has hired a lawyer is another looming distraction for this troubled GOP ticket.

Problems with a vice presidential selections have proven disastrous in the past to other presidential candidates. In 1972, Democratic nominee George McGovern faced a difficult election against incumbent President Richard Nixon, but then problems over some depression related hospitalizations of his running mate, Sen. Thomas Eagleton of Missouri plagued the campaign with distracting news, and Eagleton was off the ticket within a few days. But when Ted Kennedy and others did not wish to run on the troubled McGovern ticket, then the McGovern Campaign had difficulty finding a suitable running mate. In the end McGovern carried but just one state, Massachusetts and the District Of Columbia. It was the worst loss by a Democratic ticket in American history.

In 1984, Democrat Walter Mondale chose Democratic Representative Geraldine Ferraro of New York to become his running mate. But as some tax problem news about the Ferraro family developed, Ferraro became a major drag on the Mondale effort and in the end, Mondale carried but one state, Minnesota and the District Of Columbia. It was one of the largest defeats for a Democratic ticket ever.

The important problem for the McCain ticket is whether Gov. Palin will only be a real drag on the ticket as the steady drip-drip of troubling revelations surfaces. It also certainly calls into question the judgment of John McCain to make important decisions such as choosing a running mate.

Instead of choosing a suitable running mate who was carefully chosen, McCain chose one of the least qualified and politically risky choices he possibly could have and now appears to be paying some political price. Whether this current slide for McCain continues will depend on how successful the rest of the GOP convention is and how much more bad news and distractions Gov. Sarah Palin creates for McCain.

John McCain may be on the verge of throwing away any long held dreams of his own to become president by his poor choice of a running mate and new questions about his judgment and leadership, while the Obama Campaign skillfully presented a positive image of competence and leadership to the nation in their carefully organized and planned convention last week.


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