Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin's "Ebay" Jet Lie

Of all of Sarah's loud mouthed tale tales and exaggerations of her achievements in just 18 months in the governor's office, her "Ebay" jet tale has to be one of the biggest of her whoppers.

According to Palin, she sold the executive jet that the previous governor purchased on Ebay, and McCain even adds for a profit as well. Well it turns out that's just not the case. The jet cost the government of Alaska $2.7 million and was probably necessary for a governor to tour the entire state because of it's sheer size as well as bad weather conditions in many parts. It is is true that Palin had the jet listed on Ebay, and the ad was very expensive, but the jet did not sell on Ebay. Eventually the jet was sold to some private businessman for $2.1 million, in a private deal that had no connection to the Ebay ad at all. And the jet only sold $2.1 million, which was a clear $600,000 loss, nowhere near the claimed profit lie of John McCain. Neither Palin or McCain have been very honest about this tale. While losing $600,000 for the government of Alaska, Palin actually has the nerve to paint herself as some hero. Who else but a big mouthed liar like a Sarah Palin can make losing money into some election year asset. But it just the sort of horsepucky that Palin shovels out big time to the voters.

Sarah Palin's whole style is a loud mouthed style that makes up folk tales of what a claimed "reformer" she actually is. She makes up stories that make her seem Paul Bunyan in the minds of voters, even if the real truth is many miles removed. And a more than a few gullible persons actually believe some of these tall tales, which is very unfortunate.

Palin's entire style is that of a phony folk hero, a phony person who claims to look out for the little guy while acting as a major stooge for the big oil companies as the big oil companies rake in record profits and squeeze the average family.

This GOP ticket is lousy one for sure, one too old to be president, and another too dishonest to be vice president. These two blowhards claim to be "reformers" although supporting most of the same Bush agenda that got this nation into such an economic mess and such a high employment rate and foreclosure mess. No matter how McCain-Palin lie about it, it's still McSame.


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

Interesting article, few minor quibbles:

1) Palin never said she sold the jet on EBay, only that she listed it there. McCain did say it sold there, but has issued a correction.

2) Yes, the jet sold for less than new. Look up "depreciation."

3) The jet in question requires a 4000-foot paved runway. Most of Alaska's airfields have gravel runways. It was primarily useful for flying into and out of the state. Many Alaskans own aircraft, and they are smaller and better suited for rough fields -- the Palins even named their youngest daughter, Piper, after their plane.

4) From the New York Times:

Mr. Murkowski’s office tried to obtain money from the Homeland Security Department to buy the jet, saying it would help “defend, deter or defeat opposition forces.” He was denied. Later, in 2005, against the wishes of the Legislature, Mr. Murkowski used state money to buy it for $2.7 million.


(By the way, that's what you do when you quote something -- you show where you got your information.)

Alaska still has plenty of aircraft, though. They just didn't need a luxury jet that could only be used for about 30 of the hundreds of airfields in the state.


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Julia O said...

The devil is often in the details, I would agree. However, Gov. Palin certainly did not fill in the blanks in that she had to resort to using a broker after three failed attempts to sell the jet on E-Bay. Her running mate claimed it was sold on E-Bay (an incredibly maverick-line action, if true; too bad it wasn't), and then belatedly issued the "correction" after the yarn had already entered the American psyche.

And how 'bout that bridge to nowhere thing. . .????

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Gary Bisaga (aka fool4jesus) said...

Too bad the Obama heads have to dredge up news like this. They are shocked - SHOCKED! - that she said she put the jet on eBay (which is true) and that McCain was misinformed that it had actually sold there. Just another indication that liberals don't have anything better to do than drum up phony horrifying "news."

At 6:27 AM, Blogger Julia O said...

Yo, er. . . fool4Jesus, do you want to talk about "phoney horrifying" news today? How 'bout some fake outrage. . .

Pot, meet the Kettle!

Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt - Abraham Lincoln (another president with NO experience!)

And still no response to that bridge to nowhere thing. . . I guess you guys are all saying, "Thanks, but no thanks" on that, just like you wish your candidate had!


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