Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saved By The Storm

Republicans had a golden opportunity to showcase speeches by Bush and Cheney on Monday at their convention and wake the nation up the fact that John McCain is just like them, but then hurricane Gustav ruined all of that and cancelled most of the GOP business for Monday. Nothing would have been better to dash the hopes of John McCain in the eyes of many voters than to see plenty of Bush and Cheney at their convention telling the nation just how much McCain is like them and would only continue most of their own ruinous policies that are leaving Americans with sky high energy bills and gas, war, home foreclosures, rampant food inflation, extreme health care costs and numerous other serious problems. Bush and McCain's blessing of McCain would have been the perfect Judas' kiss to wake voters up about McCain. But nature had other ideas.

Interestingly, at least 10% of major GOP lawmakers including many incumbent senators such as Gordon Smith of Oregon were deliberately avoiding the GOP convention because they didn't need any association with Bush and Cheney to thwart their scant chances at re-election. And the McCain Campaign lacked the common sense to ask Bush and Cheney to stay away. There is nothing positive either can do for McCain other than drag him down with their own basement digging low poll numbers.

But the storm which looks likely to cause serious property damage to the Southern U.S. has forced the GOP to set aside partisan politics for the day and to join all Americans in sympathy for the possible effects of this disaster on the lives and property of many persons who have already suffered great loss before.

The McCain Campaign certain;y dodged a real disaster of their own making when Bush and Cheney had to cancel their Monday speeches which would have such a damning endorsement of John McCain that you'd think that the Democrats could not have bought any better negative advertising for the McCain convention as this could have brought.

After his completely goofy choice and underqualified for a vp running mate who looks like comic Tina Fey playing a SNL character, and a particularly troubled campaign riddled with resignations and conflicts of interest from too many lobbyists, John McCain really could have used the endorsements of Bush and Cheney to really set the whole mess rolling of a cliff into a complete electoral disaster. But alas, it was not to be.

Voters should really be wise enough to realize that the next four years of a McCain rule would certainly look an awful lot like the last eight years of Bush-Cheney rule. But the appearances of Bush and Cheney endorsing the McCain ticket would have really helped any Doubting Thomas's out there actually sitting on fence who have not realized this fact for some odd reason. There could not possibly be any better damning praise possible.

Yes, indeed sometimes Mother Nature disappoints.


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