Friday, July 04, 2008

Lost Footage From Fritz Lang's 1927 Masterpiece METROPOLIS Found

25 minutes of long lost footage to the 1927 Austrian filmmaker Fritz Lang's science fiction masterpiece, Metropolis have been found in Argentina. In 1927 dollars, this scifi classic cost over $200 million dollars to make, making it the most expensive silent movie at that time ever produced. Most persons have seen a 90 minute edit of the original film, although there is now over three hours of footage known to exist with the new find of the long lost footage.

Lang's masterpiece deals with the futuristic social conflict between workers and business management in a conflict about capitalism set against some of the most awesome sets ever conceived by a filmmaker of the 1920's. Lang's Film must be considered as one of the must see scifi films of all time. It is a pure masterpiece in every regard, an incredible filmmaking achievement. There will certainly be a great deal of fan pressure for the release of an extended version offering all of the lost footage to be released on DVD. This will no doubt surface sometime in the future.

It is certainly a major cultural find when lost footage from such a great film surfaces like this. The value of such lost footage is like buried treasure. A survey of film critics on the Rotten Tomatoes Website give Metropolis a 99% rating, one of the highest scores ever for any film ever rated putting this film in a small but elite group of the greatest films of all time.


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