Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Senator Lindsey Graham Was Against Oil Drilling Off The Coast Of South Carolina Before He Was In Favor Of It

Now that Senator Lindsey Graham is the national co-chairman for the John McCain presidential organization, he has taken a flip-flop on the issue of oil drilling. Lindsey Graham previously had spoken out against oil drilling off the coast of South Carolina which could result in possible environment damage to some scenic beaches, many owned by hotels or other private interests. But since he joined up with McCain, his positions are falling in line with both McCain and Bush on the oil drilling issue.

On Sunday's MEET THE PRESS program, temporary host, Brian Williams asked Graham about what changed that he now reverses himself and supports oil drilling off the South Carolina coast, and Graham responded, "$4.00 gas". And again today, Graham again voiced more support for oil drilling off the South Carolina coastline on CNN to Wolf Blitzer.

Graham was given just a 17% voting record on issues dealing with support for energy independence by CAF, but now is part of the McCain team pushing for the McCain campaign energy independence proposals that McCain is now promoting as a campaign issue, however it was CNN's Dana Bash that also questioned McCain on some serious incoherence on energy policy. McCain has previously opposed legislation supporting biofuels and solar power, but now talks like some sort of a born again environmentalist because he's running for president.

It might sound real good to many voters to open more oil drilling, since a full 67% of the public support more oil drilling right now in a late Rasmussen poll. However, very few of these persons really realize that it may take up to 10-20 years to actually see any real oil from any of this drilling. In reality, there are few short term fixes to the oil price or supply crisis. And in 10-20 years, it may be possible that enough technology breakthroughs in hydrogen fuel cell or electric vehicles might make a need for expanded oil resources unnecessary. But for the short-term political consumption, it certainly sounds real good to some voters for John McCain and his campaign co-chairman to sound like they're actually talking about some serious proposals.

One of the best hopes for more oil supplies in the short-term is a new oil refinery that is being completed in India. Despite rising demand for oil in India as well as China, India only uses one barrel of oil per person per year, while China uses two barrels per person per year. The American average is the world's highest at 25 barrels a day.

Another huge problem related to the 42% price increase in oil since January is oil speculation. Obama favors a crackdown on some of these abuses of commodity trading that have made gasoline so expensive since just the beginning of the year. So far, McCain hasn't really addressed this important issue that has added so much to the price of oil and hurt the American consumer, and instead offered his own energy independence proposals that seem to often run inconsistently with his previous record in congress or the senate.