Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Robert Novak Gives Fred Thompson A Bad Review

Fred Thompson's performance in his first Republican presidential debate certainly didn't get very good marks from fellow conservative, Robert Novak, who is sending out an Email to subscribers today calling Thompson's performance a "let-down for conservatives".

The performance of the bit actor from NBC's LAW & ORDER failed to really project much strength or self confidence, and was considerably weak compared to stronger performances from the other eight candidates including very good performances from Mitt Romney. Rudolph Giuliani and John McCain.

For whatever John McCain lacks in strength in the polls, he made up for by having a little fire in his belly and projecting self-confident strength. And Mitt Romney and Giuliani were in excellent form as well, although Romney only continues to surprise many on just how much he is able to waffle on the issues and tell "conservatives" what they want to hear and run away from his more centrist record as governor. Giuliani also continues to put a good face on his uneven role as mayor of NY as well.

All of this only leaves Fred Thompson as the odd man out, and his slow sag in the polls as noted by Ramussen should likely only accelerate after his lackluster performance yesterday.


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