Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Possible Terrorism Role Ignored In Utah Mall Shooting

For political reasons, there appears to to be the nature to ignore the role of freelance, non Al Qaeda related terrorism in terrible events in the U.S since 9/11 by the White House or by the The Office Of Homeland Security. Indeed even much of the press and police agencies seem to ignore this role of freelance terrorism as well. Events such as fatal shootings at Jewish centers, deliberate attacks with automobiles of pedestrians, and even the mall shooting in Utah this week seem to be ignored when angry Muslims are involved in causing the violence out of hate. In Israel by comparison, these events would nearly all classify as acts of terrorism.

There is likely some political moltivation on the part of the White house to claim that since 9/11, "no acts of terrorism" have taken place on american soil. Yet a number of isolated events, moltivated by anger and hate on behalf of Muslims not affiliated with Al Qaeda have taken place in the U.S., yet no one, the White House, press, police, etc., seem to acknowledge these acts of anger and violence as freelance terrorist acts. There appears to be some near conspiracy to perpetuate a myth that no terrorism has taken place on American soil, which only serves the political purposes of the White House on one hand, but on the other hand leads to lax security outside of air travel. Better mall security could prevent a wide number of crimes that take place in malls, and even limit problems such as shoplifting, etc.

Police and others claim that they don't seem to know the cause of this week's mall shooting in Salt Lake City, Utah. And indeed the details are sketchy. Yet the young man was from Bosnia, which almost certainly means that he is a Muslim. And his anger was expressed by the murders of innocent persons at a public shopping mall. Yet there is effort to see this as an act of freelance terrorism or to improve mall security.

Salt Lake City, Utah has a very small African-American community, and one young man from this small community who was merely shopping at the mall was very lucky when a bullet simply grazed his head, taking off some hair, instead of entering his skull and killing him. It would have been easy to be another victim of the mall gunman when a bullet misses you by only a fraction of an inch.

Why some innocent people are targeted by angry Muslim gunmen is a good question. But both the randomness of the violence and the intended targets appear to only targets meant to fulfill the rage and anger of some radical or angry Muslims who blame the U.S., Jews, the American government, or anything else for their perceived problems or the cause of their anger. Some members of the Muslim community apparently don't well assimulate into American culture, just like the frictions in Britain and Europe. This poor assimulation leads to a sense of isolation in which the roots of anger and violence may grow. This remains a steady danger as political and military events in the MidEast may moltivate some of these alienated persons to strike out who feel they are not really a member of the larger American culture and melting pot.


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