Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Iranian Military Target Of Car Bombing In Iran

As yet another sign of expanding conflict in the MidEast an Al Qaeda associated organization has targeted members of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard in a car bombing, killing at least 12 members of this military organization, and six more civilians. A bus was torn apart in the bombing.

With Iranian support for Shiite militia organizations within Iraq, Al Qaeda's support for some Sunni insurgents was likely at issue in the expansion of this Al Qaeda associated organization's attack in Iran. Now the makings of a larger regional war outside of Iraq is beginning to jell together if warfare begins to take place outside of Iraq. Countries such as Iran and Saudi arabiaz could easily end up on opposite sides of a larger Shiite vs. Sunni war in the MidEast, as both vie for power to represent the real face of Islam.

Thankfully there appeared to be no American role in support of the MEK associated with the terrorism in Iran, otherwise this certainly could have worsened the seriously worsening war of words between the U.S. and Iran. An MEK act of terrorism would have had American fingerprints all over it, and would have have been a serious situation that could have provoked a larger conflict.


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