Monday, February 12, 2007

Rudolph Giuliani Begins To Waffle To Pander To The Right Wing Of His Party

Rudolph Giuliani is beginning to take a play straight from the John "Windvane" McCain playbook, to begin to have his views blow around which ever way the political wind blows. In a recent speech, Giuliani now claims that he will only nominate "strict constructionist" judges for the Supreme Court. Meant to pander to the right wing of his Republican Party, Giuliani now sounds like he would only offer a third term of the George Bush administration, and only nominate judges based on this narrow judicial ideology rather than qualifications.

But all three major Republican candidates are becoming experts of the waffle technique. Mitt Romney retracted previous support in earlier years for Gay civil unions and for moderate abortion views, to taking a harder line on both issues to pander to the right of his party.

John McCain has completely ruined his reasonable and direct straight talk sounding dialogue of the past that made him very popular among many voters, instead opting for whatever sounds good to voters. In a recent appearance on THE CHRIS MATTHEWS SHOW, before a live audience of college students, McCain managed to support Gay civil union one moment, then a few minutes later retracted what he said, and came out in opposition to Gay civil unions. Then he was overheard talking to a political handler and asking, "Did I get it right?".

Giuliani had some more progressive views on some issues such immigration than many in his party. Likely Giuliani will now begin to waffle on those issues as well as he seeks to pander to conservative audiences in his quest for the presidency.

For now Giuliani is seen as the most favorable of the presidential candidates among the Republicans and beats every Democrat in current potential matchups according to the latest Rasmussen polls. But likely, just like the sagging efforts of John McCain, voters will soon tire of Giuliani's two faced approach to issues, and being on all sides of issues before long.

Giuliani is only likely to sag somewhat as the campaign drags on if he begins to blow in the wind like a weathervane. But he's in good company with both McCain and Romney.


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