Wednesday, February 28, 2007

James Cameron's Documentary On The Tomb Of Jesus Misses Important Points

The controversial documentary that TITANTIC filmaker James Cameron has produced for the the Discovery Channel set to air on March 4, has missed many important points from religious scholars, archaeologists, historians and others.

Based on some inspriptions on 10 ancient ossuaries, the film crew of Cameron's group may have assumed that these caskets and burial site were the burial place of Jesus and some claimed family relatives. However, even the name of Mary had at least 48 spelling or other variations used at the time of Jesus. Further the Church Of The Resurrection in Jerusalem is widely accepted by historians, archaeologists and religious leaders as the burial site of Jesus. Cameron's purported tomb site was nowhere near this Holy site that Christians have long protected and maintained.

Further the names used in the burial site unearthed by Cameron's film crew were the most widely used Jewish names at the time. There is no supporting evidence that this burial site was anything more than just a common family grave from Jerusalem.

One little known fact about Jerusalem is that Palestinian archaeology crews working for either the Palestinian government or Islamic religious officials have long been involved in unearthing and destroying artifacts that prove any Jewish history in Jerusalem. For political and religious reasons, the Palestinians have been attempting to rewrite history in the region to disprove that Jews ever lived in the area, in an attempt to justify Jerusalem as some Holy city in the Muslim faith, although not a single word in the Koran mentions Jerusalem. This burial site that Cameron's film crew photographed was lucky to survive destruction by Palestinian authorities as they attempt to rewrite history. And although the burial site is highly unlikely to be the burial site of Jesus or others, it is still an important ancient Jewish artifact that proves the existence of a Jewish settlement in Jerusalem hundreds of years before the founding of the Muslim faith.


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