Friday, January 05, 2007

Senator Biden Believes That Some Top Bush Administration Insiders Believe The Iraq War Is Lost

Senator Joseph Biden now believes that some important White House insiders which may even include Vice President Cheney privately believe that the Iraq War is lost, but still give public support to Bush on the issue. If this hunch is indeed true, then a good question is why go along with a failed policy simply to prove some loyality to Bush. Loyalty to the good of the nation should be the overriding ethic guiding the Iraq War policy.

With over 40 insurgent or militia groups are now operating within Iraq, most with anywhere from 1,000 to about 100,000 members per organization, with these armed groups in active combat against each other and keeping the cycle of sectarian violence alive should be apparent to any rational member of the Bush Administration. So far they've had absolutely no answer to this problem. And in some years such as 2002, Bush even approved $92 million dollars to arm and train Iraqi insurgents to combat Saddam Hussein in a Hungary military base once used for staging the Clinton era attacks onYugoslavia. When this expensive arming and training of antiSAddam Hussein insurgents failed, Bush then found WMD excuses to order U.S. troops into Iraq in 2003. These U.S. trained antiSaddam Husein insurgents then established or increased membership in militia groups in response to the Baathists and the Sunni backed insurgent groups including the tiny 1,000 member Al Qaeda in Iraq organization. The cycle of violence is simply out of control with no way that the militia groups will disarm due to neighborhood security concerns due to the high secular tensions.

Bush's solution to send more American troops into danger in Iraq to stand between the 40 or more armed organizations and act as police against more sectarian violence certainly seems a hopeless effort when even the biggest political party in Iraq, the Shiite Supreme Council For The Islamic Revolution In Iraq has it's own violent militia group, the Badr Organization that refuses to disarm and is a chief cause of sectarian violence in Iraq. The U.S. has no real good reliable ally outside of a few individual moderate politicians who really yield very little political clout because they're too civilized to have their own armed militia groups. How Bush plans to make a success of this is a near exercize in insanity. Rational persons, which of course does not include Bush, see no chance of success really possible in this deeply dire mess.


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