Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Woman's Place Is In The U.S. House

San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi takes over as the first female Speaker Of The House today. There is a fond hope that she can help lead the country as well as Congress in a more responsible and honest direction than the Old boys" network of some many years. Some of her important priorities such as tightening up the ethics and lobby relationship with Congress with new regulations are way overdue. Lobbyists unfortunately outnumber members of Congress by as much as 32 to 1.

There is also a hope that both working people and the middle class will gain more clout and attention in he new Congress. Labor union members cast 74% to 76% of their votes Democratic candidates for either the House or Senate which brought the big victory that brought Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to power.

Nancy Pelosi was raised in a very strict and traditional Italian American Roman Catholic household. This has helped to shape her values and integrity. The American public has every reason to expect that her religious as well family background will result in both honest and fair leadership for the nation. Voters wanted big changes for the old system, including more honesty and ethics. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats now need to deliver on this mandate for change. It is difficult to imagine that the Democrats could have ever lost control of Congress to begin with. You would think that a party supposedly better representing working people than the Republicans would have had a more permanent lock on power. But it is also a sign that you need to do a good job every single day out and be responsible to the voters or they will replace you.

Nancy Pelosi is now in the hotseat to ensure that Democrats deliver on both the change and ethics that the voters demanded, and restore their position as the party that protects the interests of both working people and the middle class, the broad majority of the American public and voters.


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