Monday, January 01, 2007

Britney Spears May Be Attempting To Adopt Tsunami Baby From The Pacific

Britney Spears is certain to dominate celebrity news in 2007, which is a indeed a pretty good feat for a singer who refuses to finish a new album and hasn't even had a new release in several years. Enough outrageous news and antics manage to keep her in the headlines. Now a new report from Xinhua in China claims that Britney Spears is attempting to adopt an orphan baby from the Pacific who survived the December 2004 Tsunami that left more than 229,000 dead or missing.

Some nations such as China require up to six months of paperwork to adopt a baby, so it is not really clear whether Britney Spears has filed paperwork in some Pacific nation to start the adoption proces rolling. But it is also clear that Britney Spears is facing a custody battle at home in the U.S. with her exhusband over the couples's two small children. And legal programs such as Nancy Grace cite experts in law who claim the late night antics of Spears will likely become major exhibits in the coming court battle over child custody.

Spears and her husband have been the previous subjects of two child welfare investigations in the past, that have not resulted in any action. But for someome locked in a tough child custody battle, the negative press reports about Spears cannot be helpful. And any adoption plans seem ill-conceived at this time if the Chinese news report is indeed accurate.

One major event has been the owner of the largest Britney Spears fan website, Ruben Gray, has become so disgusted and disappointed in her conduct that he is closing down the fan website later this month.

Spears has an estimated wealth of about $120-150 million dollars, which has allowed her the luxury not to have completed a new album. Her new album was supposed to be released in November 2006, but kept being moved back as Spears failed to finish the project. Many albums are finished in a few days by most artists, but some difficult artists such as Jim Morrison of The Doors managed to stretch this out to months after becoming a heavy alcohol abuser. Often managers or producers eventually walk out when artists fail for months to complete a project.


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