Monday, July 03, 2006

Political Code Language

When the White House or Congress speaks out, it is often in political "code language" meant to paint a patently false impression and sway some gullible voters. I'll give just a few examples:

When The New York Times published their recent story on the money tracking of terrorists, the Bush White House described the program as "secret" and "classified" and rebuked the newspaper. But this was merely political "code language" to describe that on numerious occasions, President Bush has publicly claimed that the Administration is tracking "finances" of terrorists or on numerious other times the U.S. Justice Deepartment has let it be known that they track large scale cash transactions over $10,000 for illegal activity such as drug trafficking, organized crime or terrorism activity.

When right wing political commentator, Rush Limbaugh also made a "national security" crisis out of The New York Times story, also claiming that the program was somehow "secret" and "classified", this was political "code language" for his listeners to forget that Limbaugh withdrew several transactions of $9,999.00 for his illegal prescription dealings. Limbaugh knew that a $10,000 transaction was examined by government, but not $9,999.00. If the government program is so "secret", then why did Limbaugh know enough about it to evade detection for his drug addiction dealings. There is no consistent standards for such right wing nonsense political arguments.

When Congress made a recent political "crisis" out of American Flag burning, and hysterically pushed a constitutional amendment. This "crisis" turned out that the last major case of flag burning in the U.S. was way back in 1984 by the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party member, Gregory Johnson, outside of Ronald Reagan's Renomination Republican National Convention. This invented political "crisis" may mean that once every 22 years some knothead will choose to burn the flag of his country, and this once-in-a-great-Moon event deserves a quickly rushed through response right now this second from Congress.

New examples of politically inspired "code language" emerge all the time. During an election cycle it will only grow far worse.


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