Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Regrettable Defense Of The Rush Limbaugh Drug Addiction

It is very regrettable about the way so many "conservatives" have rallied to defend the prescription drug addiction of Rush Limbaugh. For the mere sake of politically based bias, a serious problem with drug addiction was been belittled to a point that prescription drug abuse is not taken very seriously by many.

On the air, Rush Limbaugh made a huge point of his "not guilty" plea. However this was a plea agreement deal, and that certainly does not mean Limbaugh had no serious prescription drug abuse problem . He is not allowed to own a gun. He must sumbit to regular drug tests. He will only have charges dropped after 18 months of cooperation with all the terms of this plea agreement.

ABC News and other sources reported that between 30-40 times, Limbaugh may have made cash transactions just under the $10,000 mark so as to avoid a federal inquiry into these transactions. Making regular transactions near the $9,999 mark is hardly the conduct of someone who was not involved in some sort of wrongdoing conduct. These huge transactions were meant to pay for huge purchases of the highly addictive pain killer, OxyContin and other similar products.

Law enforcement authorities cite OxyContin as one of the most abused prescription drugs that is often associated with criminal conduct and hardcore drug abuse problems. OxyContin abuse rates right up there with abuse of hardcore drugs such as heroin or crack, and can have just as devastating impact on the user. Indeed the third marriage of Limbaugh reportedly broke up over problems caused by this drug abuse.

There is no good in alcohol, smoking or drug addiction. All three are very harmful drug addictions to both the user and to others who are not users. Limbaugh's strong point of the onair use of the term "not guilty" reminds me too much of the denial that drug or alcohol abusers use to claim that they have no addiction problem. Limbaugh should have shown more character to admit his problem, and seek a public forgiveness. And listeners should be wary of someone who still fails to accept full responsibility for their actions or seek to justify that a prescription drug habit reported to be as much as 30 pills a day is not out of control. Elvis Presley took too many prescription drugs and it caused his death. Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin all had early deaths caused by drug abuse. Limbaugh is very lucky his drug abuse did not kill him. He should make a point of making the public aware of the dangers of drug abuse and his listeners should not look for ways to justify a potentially deadly habit such as drug abuse. A prescription drug abuse problem is not more honorable than an illegal drug abuse problem.

The actor, Robert Downey, had a difficult time letting go of his drug problems and it landed him in jail. Limbaugh needs to learn from this. He must truly let go of any justification for his drug abuse, otherwise a future relapse may occur.

Decent thinking people shouldn't side with or against Limbaugh on the drug issue because of his politics. There should be a real interest in seeing him beat this abuse. And Limbaugh needs to more forcefully speak out against drug abuse, as a personal witness to the great dangers it causes. Drug abuse makes a person a slave to a substance. The New Testament in Galations 5:20 even sees it akin to being under the influence of wichcraft. Drug abuse can kill or it can land a person in jail, or to commit absurd and outrageous crimes. Drug abuse is a great evil. Nothing can justify it.


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