Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tony Little Creates TV's Most Outrageous Paid Ad Ever!

Hold the presses! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Fortunately not everything in life revolves around serious things like high gas prices or serious nuclear tensions with Iran. Paid ad guru Tony Little has provided some much needed comic relief with the most outrageous and funny paid ad ever made for a new health pillow he's marketing on TV.

The ad opens with a scroogelike fellow who is terrorized in bed by three ghosts that are both funny and unsettling at the same time. Then former HSN hostess Mindy McCortney, who is still a major babe into her forties, and also the former wife of Tony Little is introduced. Soon Tony Little appears and uses what appears to be a human skeleton borrowed from a medical school to illustrate how his pillow works in yet another creepy and unsettling presentation. Later a bizarre faced ballon that Tony Little claims to have made himself is introduced, giving yet another unsettling image to this bizarre and outrageous paid ad.

With this paid ad alone, Tony Little has outdone every previous outrageous paid combined. The investment ads of the Rice brothers, two dwarfs who made a fortune in real estate or the automobile additive ads that run car engines in sand are soon forgotten with this silly and outrageous new Tony Little paid ad. Incidently, one of the Rice twins was sadly gravely injured in a fall recently and died of his injuries, so no new ads by the surviving brother are likely.

If Tony Little intended to attract attention with his new ad, then he certainly attracted mine. It has all the bad taste and bizarre writing style of a Ed Wood movie like PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE, as well as the loud and enthuastic style of Tony Little along with all the cute as a bug in a rug perkiness of former HSN babe, Mindy McCortney. This ad is unfortunately far more funny than some of the comedy TV programs passed off by the networks as comedies.

Most paid products including Tony Little's ones are always pretty good products. But some buyers are wary of buying made-for-TV stuff. One of the worst of all time was a British fellow who introduced an automobile product that was soon pulled from the market where thinned down clear-coat paint was once marketed as some sort finish restorer. The result left the buyer with the appearance of having painted their car's finish with a sponge, instead of giving the car the great finish of the TV examples, which must have had to be painted with a spray gun professionally or similar. Buyers who thought they were buying some sort of super car wax had to be absolutely shocked at the results.

But Tony Little has provided a product that looks useful and probably worth the money if it helps to avoid the neck or spine problems for many buyers that it claims to aid. But the outrageous show and tell to sell this "world's greatest pillow" certainly woke me up.


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