Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bush Sense Of Humor Sure Fell Down With David Gregory Comment This Week

Sometimes Mr. Bush attempts to be both funny and engaging during a press conference. Indeed sometimes he is very charming and likable. But during a press conference this week an attempt to be funny by Bush when he claimed that David Gregory would not pass a background check was unfunny.

Recently Matt Drudge reported that David Gregory may have been drunk when called into the Don Imus early morning program, however evidence from the transcript of the show instead seems to prove that Gergory was not intoxicated when he called the Imus program March 2, from India, but rather jet-lagged, tired, but a little giggly when called in.

It is interesting that the only president ever elected who has a documented arrest record for theft, claims of drunken driving, claims of cocaine abuse, and has some claims by some of a court suppressed cocaine arrest, as well as questions about his guard service, and was reported by the Washington Post to be involved in a loud drunken incident in 1988 with Al Hunt of the Wall Street Journal in a restaurant, as well as a highly questionable claimed report that he once got a teenage minor pregnant as a young man which was was also claimed to result in an abortion, should make any issue of the background of anyone for comedic reasons.

It appears that the White House does keep close tabs on the possible political dirt on reporters such as David Gregory, where the Drudge Report was apparently an issue of discussion around the White House. Rather than the Bush comment being funny, it offers an unsettling glimse into a White House not unlike the Nixon one who likely engages in enemy lists and politically destroying opponents. Along with the leak of the identity of the CIA agent that has landed "Scooter" Libby in legal problems as well led to Karl Rove being questioned this week, the little Bush "joke" about David Gregory really backfired.

Some jokes simply are not funny. The David Gregory comment really fell flat and only raises questions about a White House that seeks to destroy political opponents and actually distains democracy and a free press.