Saturday, April 22, 2006

Murder Of A Young Immigrant

When 17 year old Russian immigrant, Anna E. Svidersky, whose family emmigrated in 2001, sought money for college she decided that a job working at a fast food establishment such as McDonald's was a great way to go. She was a well loved employee, a joyful and hard working employee, and well loved at her high school.

Minutes earlier, a 28 year old paranoid schizophrenic, former mental patient who has a criminal history as a sex offender, David Sullivan, grabbed a kitchen butcher knife and put it in a bag and left his home. Sullivan wandered more than a mile down the road and entered a Vancouver, Washington, McDonald's and while Anna Svidersky was cleaning tables in the restaurant was stabbed to death by Sullivan in a completely unprovoked attack. No one at this McDonald's had ever remembered Sullivan ever being at this location ever before. It was simply a random act of violence against an immigrant.

Like all popular places such as shopping malls or other open places, the possibility of being a victim of a random act of violence is always possible. No place is hardly any more dangerous than other places, but nationwide at least 88 customers and employees of McDonald's have found themselves to be victims of sometimes random violence. Yesterday in Downtown, Portland, a "drive by" shooting took place. A Trimet bus rider was killed some time ago by a random bullet fired from blocks away. Violent robberies at banks and other areas take lives every year in the U.S.

There is no reason to believe that Anna Svidersky was targeted for being an immigrant. The violence was totally random. And there is no way that places of business can be totally safe against such random acts of violence.

But immigrants come to America for a better life, and like all Americans sometimes face a untimely death from random violence. 142 immigrants to the U.S. have lost their lives in the Iraq War. Hundreds more have been wounded in active duty there. But the family of Anna Svidersky came to America to seek a better life for their children. Who could have ever foreseen that this young life would be lost to a random act of violence and end the way it did?

Antiimmigrant right wing activists argue that a "Berlin Wall" should be built around the U.S. border to keep immigrants out. But the fact is that most of the immigrants to this country come here to be decent and productive citizens of the U.S. It is sometimes from lifelong citizens that these immigrants face violence or death. Some of the wrong people living in America are some of our very own citizens.

Sunday Morning Update: Some notable quotes have emeged from this very sad random murder of the 17 year old Russian immigrant girl. Sullivan offered a comment to police that he should have "stayed home" with his "stuffed animals", and that he did a very "evil" thing. He has a childlike mentality that landed him in past trouble with the law for licking a small girl in a grocery store, and for attempting to abduct a 12 year old once before.

By comparison the blog of Anna Svidersky, many, many comments from shocked friends express their deep sorrow. One of Anna's most notable quotes was when she expressed an opinion on her hero: "The Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone Else Will Let You Down". After the fall of the officially atheist Soviet Union, many Russians found a new hope in faith and interest in religion. With many Russians only earning around $60 a month, far worse than even Mexico's wages, this faith in God offered an important new hope anchor.

At least one young male co-worker is still too upset to immediately return to work at the Vancouver McDonald's.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Tatiana said...

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At 6:22 PM, Blogger Tatiana said...

Anna was already a US citizen at least for the past 7 years.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

I deeply appreciate your comment, Tatiana. I wanted to offer Anna some sort of a tribute based on the best information that I could find. The number of years that her family was in the U.S., I had based off one local newssource which may have been somewhat wrong by a few years according to your comment.

Anna was so greatly loved by many. The awesome turnout at the benefit at McDonald's yesterday not only turned out an estimated $75,000 for her family, but brought out a great community of both U.S. citizens and immigrants who came out to support her family as well as to honor her memory.

Some workers in Russia earn as little as $60 a month. With an economy with such a slow pace, and some uncertainty about the current direction under President Putin, I cannot blame many from this state seeking a far better life in other nations for either economic or religious reasons.

It's very difficult for me to watch any newscoverage about Anna with a dry eye, Tatiana. She seemed like such a nice young person that was so well loved by so many. She even gave up cheerleading and other after school activities to help support her family. This was a great sacrifice.

It was also funny the way she often would say, "dude" when she made a comment. No doubt she would be amazed at all the "dudes" who care about her so much and feel so deeply sad for her very nice family.

It was also so reassuring that Anna trusted in Jesus as her hero. I fully trust God will surround her family with all his love and give a healing of heart.

I urge all to continue to pray for for Anna's family. This story has touched the lives of so many in the NorthWest. And I hope my blog helps to inform others around the nation about this very sad story. I've received some Emails that appreciate that I ran this feature.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Tatiana said...

No problem. Newspapers did quite a few mistakes when telling about Anna and her family. Like, for example, they said that Anna was the oldest. In fact her brother Peter who is 19 is the oldest child in this family. Also there was no word mentioned about Anna's father with whom she and her siblings were spending almost all school breaks. Nothing about her four step-brothers who loved her deeply and whom she often called and wrote letters when she was in Vancouver. :) So many things from Anna's life were missing… But it is not so important, really. The main thins is, she was a great girl. I would say, she was my favorite one, because as Taurus’s, we shared so many common traits. In my heart I keep many good memories of Anna. She is truly missed. Her father said to me few days ago through his tears, "I have had two golden Bulls. Now one is taken from me".

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Tatiana said...

Yes, I did not tell you yet? I really appreciated your feature, too. Just in my point of view, as I am also an immigrant from former USSR, the main point is that mentally ill people can murder our beautiful and intelligent children, who would grew up in good citizens... and these people are getting away from it because of their "mental disabilities". I am a psychologist and very well aware of all pros and contras of this matter. But please do not judge me, I think American society has a big problem, because it chooses trashed sickos over those who could contribute well to its welfare and flourishing. It is twisted ethics and it is unfair to Americans and us, immigrants, who put our whole lives to raise good kids for this country.

At 11:57 PM, Blogger Dori aka GiG said...

I just want to add that as a Native American and Born American, I agree fully that America has many flaws. However.......Let's not be judged by those who could be judged themselves. and Let the first one without any sin throw the first stone. There is no "perfect" society, and no "perfect person" what happened to Anna was a terrible tragedy but there was a higher calling for her, and a higher purpose. Maybe to teach those left behind that you don't have to be dodging bullets for something terrible to happen.


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