Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What A Difference A Day Makes!

It seemed like only last night that in the George Bush State Of The Union Address, that he was upholding the value of improving American education. But today the Republican Congress pushed a claimed "deficit reduction bill" that cuts tuition aid. And it was only last night that Mr. Bush held up the value of cutting the federal deficit, but the very same claim "budget deficit reduction bill" cuts social service to the poor as well as child support payment enforcement by $40 billion over five years, yet offers a new $70 billion dollar tax cut to the wealthy, thereby actually increasing the federal deficit by $30 billion.

This is yet another sign that some in Congress have cut education too much and now cannot do simple math. Imagine political leaders in world math champion countries like South Korea, China or Japan cutting education related funds.

What a difference a day makes in what Bush proposed in the State Of Union Address and the reality on the ground the next day. No wonder millions are turned off from politics where any lie to get by for one day, gives way to reality the next.


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