Monday, January 30, 2006

The Absurd Hamas Philosophy

While it is widely known that Hamas is a terrorist organization, few know that it is an Islamic populist religious fundamentalist organization that appeals to the least educated of the Palestinian population by the promotion of ridiculous and absurd hate conspiracy theories that are very similar to the nonsense hate propaganda of the 1930's German Nazi Party.

For example, Article 28 of the Hamas Charter of the organizations beliefs states, "It (Israel) stands behind the diffusion of drugs and toxic of all kinds in order to facilitate it's control and expansion". In other words, Hamas promotes the stupid and silly belief that there is some sort of grand conspiracy in Israel to produce illegal drugs and turn Arab populations into harmless drug zombies while Israel conquers more land. First there is absolutely no proof of such a silly conspiracy theory, and second Israel has been in process of giving more and more land to former adversaries in the sake of peace. During the Carter Administration, Israel made peace with Egypt and any land conquered in the 1967 war has been returned. In addition the Palestinian Authority now exists because so much land of greater Israel has been returned to the Palestinians, that Israel is now only 11 miles in it's most narrow portion. Modern day Israel only covers land that was historically part of the old Jewish kingdoms of Judea and Sumaria, and since 1948 has never sought and goal to expand beyond these historic borders except when war from neighboring states such as Egypt, Syria and Jordan forced Israel to conquer some land as a safety buffer such as the war in 1967 when Syria and the other states threatened to divert Israel's water supply.

And Article 32 of the Hamas Charter states, "For Zionist scheming has no end, and after Palestine they will covet expansion from the Nile to Euphrates". Yet there is every evidence that Israel has been giving land back for peace since the 1976 election of Jimmy Carter. There is absolutely no plans to expand the borders of Israel.

Article 22 expresses more silly conspiracy, by claiming that ,"That they stood behind the French and Communist Revolutions, and most of revolutions we hear about...". Yet it is simple history that it was the oppressed poor of France who overthrew their cruel and heartless government of the wealthy. It may be true that Karl Marx was born into a Jewish family, but they had long abandoned their faith to convert to the Lutheran Church, and Marx later became a radical atheist and had long abandoned any Jewish ethinic interests. And Vladimir Lenin who was influenced by the 19th century works of Marx did have some Jewish background on his Grandmother's side, but his family background was largely mixed with Christians such as Lutherans. In areas such as Germany, Prussia or Russia there was enough of a Jewish population that many had some Jeswish background somewhere in their bloodline, as even Hitler did on his father's side. Yet is is plainly absurd to claim any Jewish conspiracy to conquer lands as the Russian Revoultion which was very similar to the populist French Revolution against the wealth of the Tzar while most in Russia lived in terrible poverty. It was an uprising of the poor of Russia. And there is absolutely no Jewsh influence in the Communist revolutions that took place in China, North Korea or Vietnam. And numerous other world Communist organizations had no connection whatsoever to the Jewish faith or ethnic background. In fact everywhere that Communism has taken power, Jews have faced increased discrimination and abuses and violence.

Like many antisemites, the Hamas Charter has absurd conspiracy theories involving Jews and money. Article 22 of the Hamas Charter states, "They used the money to establish clandestine order to destroy societies and carry out Zionist interests. Such organizations are: The Free Masons and Rotary Club...". However these organizations have no connection to any religion or ethnic group such as the Jewish religion. Most members are Christians and these organizations are heavily involved in charity work. They simply provide a sense of belonging, often for businessmen, and they offer good works to a community, not to plan conspiracies to control the world using any business wealth they may have. In fact many of the wealthiest businessmen are likely not part of these organizations for the lack of time. Many wealthy actually belonged to gold clubs which often discriminated against Jewish membership.

Other absurd conspiracy claims of the Hamas Charter such as Article 22 states, "This wealth (permitted them to) take over the world media...". During the 1930's several motion picture companies such as MGM were established by Jewish businessmen. And during the 1940's they turned out many patriotic movies, but by the 1950's ultra right wing Senator Joesph McCarthy accused Hollywood of harboring Communists and attempting to ruin America. But it is absurd to claim Jewish control of all media. The media and entertainment includes many religions and ethnic groups. Many very popular and wealthy entertainment icons are Blacks such as Oprah Winfrey or others. Slightly more persons from the Jewsish ethnic background may have become entertainers or the head of entertainment companies, but that is only because their religion made entertainment seem like a very honorable profession, while some such as Baptists often tended to avoid some entertainment as being evil or a bad spiritual influence. Even the Catholic Church was long critical of Hollywood and was long involved in censorship of Hollywood, and many Catholics likely avoided the entertainment industry and sought employment in other areas during the early founding years of Hollywood. But few journalists or news reporters are Jewish, as many ethnic and religious groups are well represented in the world media and world media ownership. Any claim of Jewsish dominance of the world media is absurd based on the facts.

Hamas ties all of these absurd antisemitic beliefs and conspircy theories to justify Islamic radicalism that states that, "...death for the cause of Allah is the most sublime belief.", in Hamas Charter Article 8. And "There is no solution the Palestine problem but by Jihad.", in Article 13. And "Jihad becomes binding on all Muslims." in Article 15. Or that "Israel will rise and remain erect until eliminated by Islam." , in the Introduction to the Hamas Charter.

There may be a few hopeful souls who think that Hamas can renounce radicalism, violence or accept the right of Israel to exist. But given the entire charter of this extremist terrorist organization, any such hope for moderation seems very ill placed and way overly hopeful. This is a very extreme organization that trades in the indoctrination of hatred and establishes schools to preach a message of violence to the young in the Islamic world and the hope of creating young suicide bombers. The current one year cease-fire is only because Hamas has lost some top leadership to Israeli attacks in response to their past role in organizing suicide attacks against Israel. Hamas will only consolidate power, build a radical Islamic army with North Korean or Iranian arms, and create a huge new war threat. With Hamas the worst is yet to come. Unlike many world religions that teach a message of tolerance and peace, the Hamas version of Islam only promotes violence and Jihad as the highest goal. Many others in Islam believe in a beautiful version of Islam that teaches the equality of all men who pray at least three times a day and stand side by side in their Mosques and humble themselves before Allah. Many Mosques have free health care clinics open to all, such as in the U.S., while Hamas simply uses the Islamic faith to justify support for extremist goals of violence.

Hamas survives only for a showdown with Israel and then will turn it's wrath against the U.S. as well. There can never be any good in such an organization built on religious extremist violence and hatred. There is no comparable hatred for Islam in the Torah or among the Jewish faith. Israel and Hamas will face some very difficult times.


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