Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google China Becomes A Tool Of Chinese Government Propaganda

The Google search engine in China has agreed to censor "politically sensitive" websites and searches for information that supports democracy or human rights in China. For example, a search of the Falon Gong organization only supports information that takes a Chinese government line against the organization. And both the Yahoo and MSN search engines have gone even farther in becoming tools of the Chinese government. These search engines have even handed over the names of dissident writers who publish prodemocracy statements on the Internet. One dissident Internet writer was sentenced to 10 years in prison thanks to the freely offered cooperation of Yahoo with Chinese government authorities.

In the U.S., Bush Administration Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, who in the past issued papers supporting torture and other ideals opposite of our democracy is seeking Google to hand over search information in a first step to preparing a database of those in America who may be considered an "enemy " of the Bush Administration state or rounded up for some "crime" related to what should be the private use of the Google search engine. Also it appears that just as in China, both the Yahoo and MSN search engines have been most cooperative of any Bush Administration efforts to strip away privacy from users of these popular Internet search engines and have feely complied with any Bush Administration demands to hand any information requested to the Bush Administrstion's Justice Department.

Some years ago, who could have foreseen that Internet search engines would become tools for the individual to have their right to individual privacy so sacrificed, or that both the Bush Administration or the Communist Chinese government would have so much in common in their common efforts to use popular Internet search engines as a tool for rounding up political dissidents.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger John said...

Danny Sullivan has a well rounded article at:

Note that Yahoo and MSN are already censoring search results (without telling the users about it unlike Google).


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