Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Michelle Malkin Classic

Yesterday FOX news regrettably decided to invite conservative blogger and syndicated columnist, Michelle Malkin, to offer an opinion on what to that point had been an intelligent discussion on the anger those in the Muslim world feel about the Danish cartoons that they see as a blasphemous assault on their most holy prophet. While one guest elevated the discusion into an understanding of the Muslim faith, when Michele Malkin came on she quickly degenerated the discussion down to a shrill effort to force a series of the cartoons reponsible for the violence in so many Muslim nations in front of the FOX cameras. Rather than educating the viewer, instead the display seemed to more likely have the effect of making FOX a new target of anger in this hot debate.

Like many other efforts of Michele Malkin, it was yet another failed example of right wing silliness, almost befitting of the absurd choreography of the WWF or even Larry Flynt's attention grabbing antics.

But shrill cheap attention grabbing is nothing new for this right wing blogger. She once managed to unite both liberals and conservatives in opposition to her book, IN DEFENSE OF INTERNMENT, which was a justification for abuses that Japanse Americans faced during WWII in U.S. internment camps. She once faced questions whether or not many of her features were actually written by her Rhodes Scholar husband. And she lost a job on a newspaper, THE VIRGINIA PILOT, after readers protested and her articles seemed to merely incite anger. And her overuse of the term "moonbat" has become a cheap disposal means of any person she may politically disagree with, but has unfortunately inspired many other right wing bloggers to avoid coherent commentary and attempt to undermine progressives and liberals by a retreat to this grade school level of name calling to avoid any intelligent issue discussion.

All of her silly efforts puts Malkin in a league with Ann Coulter, as both sometimes come across as a "Satan's Barbie Doll", in their ability to become head spinning examples of right wing spirit possession befitting of some sort of EXORCIST film.

Too many on the left, some on the right come across as troglodyte snake handling regressives absolutely lacking in any class or geniune social graces. But attractive right wing bloggers like Malkin and Coulter set up another image as simply shrill attention getters often with little real substance in their arguments. Why shallow right wing journalists such as Malkin and Coulter have come so far as major journalists is a great mystery for the ages.


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