Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Strange But True #3

Peta has an awful truth that few know about. While this organization that is supposed to protect animals, and yearly rakes in $29 million in donations, and has many celebrity supporters, claims to look out for defenseless animals, a sinister truth has been suppressed by this organization.

From 1998-2004, PETA took in 15,661 companion animals that were supposed to be adopted. However 79.6% of these animals were actually put to death by PETA members . Only a mere 18.5% of the dogs, cats and other companion animals were actually adopted. In one case, some PETA officials are charged with accepting animals from a vet office, and injecting them with toxic poisons in a van and dumping cats and dogs behind grocery store dropboxes. This vet was personally angered when a mother cat and babies he had just given PETA members were found dead, where only one baby kitten who was not given to PETA members survived and was adopted. In the Norfolk, Virginia chapter of PETA in one year period, only a single animal was actually adoped. By comparison, the local SPCA was able to adopt 73% of all animals taken in, where mainly only unhealthy or sickly animals were put to sleep.

Few know about the twisted personal life of Adolph Hitler. He was expelled from grade school at the age of 8 because he was a smoker. He later had drug and alcohol addiction problems. And his frantic speeches were believed to be from the use of "speed". But Hitler had another little known problem. Hitler used to find himself sexually aroused at the sound of his own voice delivering a frantic hateful speech. Hitler found this deeply embarrassing and even sought help from his personal physician to conceal this problem. After WWI, as a young soldier, Hitler developed syphilis, and suffered serious lifeloing health problems this illness. And very strangely to conceal the fact that Hitler was part Jewish on his father's side, had the cemetary destroyed by tank shells to prevent this truth from becoming public to the German people.

At first, under the mismanagement of FEMA director, Michael Brown, FEMA was slow to react to the Katrina disaster. But now FEMA currently has 125,000 unused trailers for the 300,000 citizens that are still homeless, but remain currently unused. Mayor Ray Nagin has failed to sign documents to allow the homeless of his city to use these trailers. And in other cities that have homeless from the Katrina disaster, local fears of increased crime, zoning violations, etc. have prevented city officials from accepting the FEMA trailers. Only in Houston, has the mayor accepted some of the FEMA trailers. Other cities are hosting the homeless of Katrina in hotels and other expensive housing options. Of the original 400,0000 population of New Orleans, only 100,000 currently live in the city. There is a real shortage of housing that remains in the city, with far more jobs than workers available due to the housing shortage.

Few people know that Secretary Of The Iraqi Communist Party, Hamid Musa, an economist, was appointed by the Bush Administration to be one of the original 25 hand chosen leaders of the original Iraqi Governing Council after the 2003 war. Yet in domestic spying activity, a college student who simply was working on a college class assigned paper about Communist China was questioned by Federal authorities for a three hour period. The Administration has no problem appointing a Communist to a leadership position, but it is considered to be a sign of subversion to write a homework assignment about Communists and a subject for domestic spying activity.

In referring to the comic performance in the annual holiday White House video by Chief Of Staff, Andrew Card, Lynne Cheney claimed that "Andy is a natural actor". However with Andrew Card's straight faced propaganda public relations statements for even the worst of White House policies, few would argue that Mr. Card has great acting abilities far beyond just the the annual White House holiday video.

Very few in the world know that the ancient Chinese "Cup Of Knowledge" was actually carved from the skull of Confucius. It was believed all who would drink from it would become wise.

In a very strange case, a railroad worker once accidently locked himself in a refrigerator boxcar . The man soon started to feel that he was freeezing to death, and after a while used a knife to carve a note to his wife that he was beginning to freeze to death and that he loved her very much. The next day his body was discovered, and all medical signs were that he froze to death, although it was also discovered the refrigerator portion was turned off and the car never dropped below 55 degrees overnight. The man had so strongly suggested to himself that he freezing, and like "self hypnosis" had managed to die from his self induced thoughts.

During WWII it was public information freely available at the shipping insurers when American merchant ships loaded with arms and other war supplies would depart port. German and Japanese agebts simply looked up the shipping schedule of the departing ships, and the Japanense Navy would seize ships departing on the West Coast, while German U-boats would sit just off the New Jersey coast and sink merchant ships with war supplies headed to England.


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