Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Amazing Similarities Between Nixon And Bush

A few years ago, a popular poster featured the amazing similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy, such as both had a Vice President named Johnson, both were succeeded by a Vice President Johnson after being assassinated. Lincoln was assassinated in a theatre. Kennedy's Assassin fled into a theatre, etc. Well it's happened again. There are new amazing similarites between both two Presidents and their Administrations:

Both the Nixon and Bush Administrations were accused in scandals that indicted White House staffers. Nixon had "Watergate". Bush has "Libbygate".

Both had highly partisan, ethically challenged, Vice Presidents who considered anyone who disagreed with Administration policy as a policial enemy and used "pitbill" type attacks to destroy these political opponents. Nixon had Spiro Agnew. Bush has Dick Cheney.

Both supported sweeping legislation to wash away civil liberties. Nixon supported Senate Bill 1. Bush supports the Patriot Act.

Both Nixon and Bush supported and used illegal domestic spying on American citizens.

Both the Nixon and Bush Administrations were involved in long running "no-win" guerilla wars abroad. Nixon in Vietnam. Bush in Iraq.

Both the Nixon and Bush Administrations illegally sought to expand these "no-win" wars behind the back of Congressal approval. Nixon illegally expanded the Vietnam War into both Laos and Cambodia. Bush has approved border clashes with Syrian soldiers and covert support for antiIranian government terrorists.

Both Nixon and Bush had a highly partisan Secretary Of State, who was used to misled the public on foreign policy issues. Nixon had Henry Kissenger. Bush has Condoleezza Rice.

Both the Nixon and Bush Adminstrations misled the public about the progress of their "no-win" wars in order to rally public support while the wars continued to drag on and on.

Both Nixon and Bush campaigns were responsible for illegal efforts to destroy their political opponents through "dirty tricks" organizations and committees. Officials who were involved with Nixon were involved in political sabotage against the George McGovern campaign. And a Bush campaign lawyer was involved with the "Swift Boats" dirty tricks committee to destroy John Kerry.

Both Nixon and Bush kept "enemy lists" of people who disagreed with their war or political policies. Nixon had an "enemy list" which even surprising included some who even voted for him. Bush allows military intelligence to maintain a list of church organizations and others who disagree with his Iraq War policy.

Both Nixon and Bush Administrations and their supporters have sought to label anyone who disagreed with their war policies as a "traitor" to the country.

Both Nixon and Bush would fight legislation "tooth and nail", but then take credit for it once it passed. Nixon opposed a wide range of legislation passed by the Democratic Congress. Bush opposed policies of even his own party, including the antitorture legislation of John McCain, but then sought to take credit for it in a White House photo-opt session.

Both Nixon and Bush sought to portray themselves as moral men, although both have been widely accused of being liars who deliberately misled the public.

Both Nixon and Bush had Attorney Generals who opposed freedom of speech and supported censorship efforts against the press. Bush has John Mitchell. Bush has Alberto Gonzales.

Both Nixon and Bush use covert intelligence infiltration of the peace movement and left wing organiztions to invstigate those that oppose the policies of the two Administrations.

Both Nixon and Bush have sought to keep the minimum wage low. After a $1 million dollar campaign contribution by McDonalds Corporation to the Nixon campaign, an agreement to keep the minimum wage down to a $1.65 an hour was made. Bush received extensive campaign contribution from corporations,partially because he supports keeping the minimum wage low.

Both Nixon and Bush opened the doors to China. Nixon openned the door to China politically and diplomaticly. And Bush has kept the door open economically allowing millions of American factory jobs to flow to China.

Both Nixon and Bush had falling poll numbers as corruption allegations continied to build against both Administrations.

Both the Nixon and Bush Administration had heavy political support from military contractors and oil companies and tended towards policy that greatly benefitted these industries.

Both Nixon and Bush relied on outside support to bolster their policies. Nixon counted on right wing letter writers and editorialists to shout down and to mischaraterize and misrepresent those that disagreed with Nixon. Bush has the right wing political blogs and talk radio to mischaracterize and misrepresent the political opposition to his Administration's policies.

Both Nixon and Bush disgraced their Republican Party by bringing in so much scandal and controversy.

There you have it folks. History repeats itself with more amazing similarities between two American presidential administrations. If you can think of any more similarites, then please add them to the comments line here.


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