Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Military Intelligence Infliltration Aimed At Destroying The Peace Movement

You heard it here first several days ago when I speculated that the Pentagon would soon involve itself in military intelligence infiltration of the peace movement similar to the covert military intelligence activities of the Nixon era. Well, today NBC has confirmed that indeed that military intelligence agents are keeping close track of peace movement persons and meeings. And these have included military intelligence data about peaceful church meetings, such as the Quakers who are called to peacefully resolve conflicts by their faith.

One peaceful meeting of Quakers was deemed a "threat" according to military intelligence data, yet there was absolutely no real threat to any military effort by this small meeting of churchmembers who were simply exercizing the beliefs of their faith.

But the Bush Adminstration is not stopping at allowing the military intelligence data collection of peaceful churchmembers. Even though Mr. Bush is an Episcopal Church member, he is allowing a covert program to financially destroy theologically "liberal" churches who are using sermons to undermine his Iraq policy. In California, West Wing cast member, Bradley Whitford is a member of a theologically "liberal" Episcopal church, and the Bush Administration has been keeping track of the sermons of this, and no doubt many more, churches to look at what options can be used to silence this opposition to the Administration. When the Senior Episcoplal Priest gave a sermon highly critical of the Administration's Iraq policy in late October 2004, right before the election, then an investigation of this church began with a current attempt to use the IRS to remove the tax exempt status of this church. Where military or other government infiltration or subversion of a church fails to silence this religious opposition to the Iraq War, then other means such as stripping the tax exempt status may serve to close the church doors.

It was only a month ago Bush attempted to appear as a champon of religious freedom while in China. But just like China, the Bush Administration uses covert government and military intelligence activity to shut down America churches that it disagrees with over the Iraq War.

Other secular peace organizations are also subject to military monitoring and infiltration as well, even though no real activity has harmed any military property that has been recently documented. Yet these organizations and members are listed as having a "threat" status by the military, even though freedom of expression and assembly are supposed to protect political disagreements over policy.

But while peaceful political and religious opposition is the subject of covert Bush Administration and military intelligence activity, other leftist organizations who have crossed over the line and commited morally unacceptable acts of violence are facing far worse fates.

Last weeek in coast to coast arrests, 7 ecoterrorists were rounded up by the government and arrested in raids. Under domestic terrorism laws, these persons may face life in prison for activity such as arson of government property or toppling of Bureau Of Land Management communications tower.

What is fascinating is that government agents have infiltrated these organizations, and using bodywires and other activity often used against mobsters, the government was able to build evidence to bring down these persons who commited serious politically moltivated crimes that are absolutely unacceptable.

But what is clear, is that in level not seen since the days of Nixon, the Bush Administration is using intense covert spying on legal political and religious activity to eliminate political opposition to the Iraq War or other Administration policy goals. With the exception of the arrest of domestic ecoterrorists, this war on free political and religious expression is a frightening scenario. Given this information, and the arrest of "Scooter" Libby, this Administration is beginning to look more and more just like the corrupt Nixon Watergate Administration.


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