Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shaq Bashes A Gay Basher

Miami has a large Gay community, however some in the Cuban community sometimes like to express their "manhood" by engaging in violence against members of this community. A couple of Gay men were walking down a Miami street and a young Cuban man jumped out of a car and hit one of the men with a glass bottle in a hate crime. But little did this criminal know that basketball superstar, Shaquille O'Neal witnessed the crime, and got help from the police and put this bias crime criminal behind bars.

Shaquille O'Neal is actually studying to be a policeman after his retirement from the NBA. He has had a great record of foiling other crimes, as well as a reputation for immense personal character.

In an undocumented, but claimed incident, comic Carlos Mencia(the star of Comedy Central's "Mind Of Mencia" TV show) was performing at a comedy club, and according to Mencia, he said some joke that angered Snoop Dogg, and Snoop Dogg and some friends exchanged some words with Mencia and even someone threatened to shoot the comic on the stage, but Shaq O'Neal came out of the audience and made Snoop Dogg and his friends sit down, and told Carlos Mencia to continue with his comedy performance. While this incident has not been confirmed anywhere but by the claim of Carlos Mencia, but it is an interesting case in which Shaq was reported to have foiled an ugly incident at a comedy club.

Shaquille O'Neal is a very good citizen. And afterall, what dumb crook would argue with a seven foot three policeman who is caught red handed in a burglary or other crime. Shaq may not be the best person to work undercover though. A seven foot three athletic man would hardly blend into a crowd. But law enforcement definately needs a man of great character like Shaq. He is a great man who would be a great asset to any police force.


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