Friday, September 09, 2005

Rush Limbaugh's New Low For Right Wing Talk Radio

Right wing talk radio continues to raise the ante, by increasingly vile dialog and the increasing use of outrageous and wholly unacceptable racially moltivated and antiGay community hate speech attacks. One of the worst of these right wing radio hosts, Rush Limbaugh is facing legal problems due to a prescription drug addiction and cannot even control his own problems, but has made a living by giving advice to others on how he believes the world should be ordered. This last week, Limbaugh decided that in order to remain in the top of the pack of this increasingly hateful medium of right wing talk radio required that he up the ante by using racist language to refer to Mayor Nagin of New Orleans as "Mayor Nagger" on his radio show. This is a regrettable escalation of right wing talk radio hate language.

Compared to prescription drug addict, Rush Limbaugh, Mayor C. Ray Nagin has tried very hard to be an effective mayor of a large and major American city with a 28% poverty problem, and has managed an effective tourist industry to bolster the reputation and finances of his city. In the last year, Mayor Nagon worked with weather research scientists and prepared a disaster preparedness video in 2004 that was supposed to be distributed later this month. Unfortunately hurricane Katrina struck before this video could be distributed. And to fully evacuate citizens from a city this size, nearly 72 hours are really needed, and it was unclear if Katrina's path would directly hit Florida or likely to divert path, as storms often had done. But like his fellow citizens, Mayor Nagin was living like a refugee in a damaged hotel room, with no electricity. It was not until he was invited onboard the USS Iwo Jimo, that this mayor who fought a frustrating weeklong battle to save many lives received his first hot meal, shower and good night's sleep in days. For the most part, Mayor C. Ray Nagin put in a terrific effort that no doubt saved many lives. Not everything went well. But in a disaster, as well in war, not all things do. But Mayor C. Ray Nagin deserves far more praise and thanks than critical attacks for what failed, much of it not his doing or fault.

By comparison, pompous right wing talk radio host, Rush Limbaugh looks like he's never missed a meal. His only real struggle to display his personal courage and strength, he lost to prescription drug addiction. He's absolutely no profile in courage compared to Mayor C. Ray Nagin, a very good mayor whose leadership abilites were tested under a severe disaster than 93% of Americans consider to be the worst natural disaster to hit America.


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